Our idea of milling, turned into a CNC

Meet the MAG-CX3, a vertical CNC milling machine made and assembled entirely in Italy that has been developed following the concept of custom-made, precise, and accurate machining.

MAG-CX3 500

Accuracy and reliability at your service

MAG-CX3 500, the vertical CNC machine, allows you to carry out high-precision and repeatable mechanical machining.

Constructed with a solid and tested aluminium frame, it is the ideal machine for both industrial and non-industrial mechanical productions.

Equipped with four wheels, it can be easily moved around when needed, or stored after its use.

The total absence of mechanical play makes the MAG-CX3 perfect for dealing with different types of works, from aluminium milling to extremely precise engraving on precious materials.

MAG-CX3 is equipped with a lubrication system for machining – consisting of a reservoir and a nebulizer – as well as a PC with a jointed arm.


MAG-CX3 is precise and adaptive to any type of processing

Granite Base

compliant with ISO 8512-2 (grade 2), dimensions 800x500x90 mm

Mechanical movement

guarantees high precision and absence of mechanical play

Probe for Z axis calibration

with automatic reset of the height of the tools

Hybrid motors

with an encoder and reference point ensure high torque

Pneumatically operated tool

holder movement

4th rotary axis

-an integrated optional - with hybrid motor and transmission with harmonic drive (max. torque 600 Nm)

ATC three-phase brushless electro spindle

2.2 kw - 30000 rpm

Spindle for 4th axis

with maximum pieces size of 100 mm

Smart concept of milling

Designed to ease and optimize each processing

Developed for Accuracy

Identical results in their uniqueness

Reliable machining

Simple and intuitive user interface

Versatile milling

From aluminium milling to engraving on precious materials
real - time verification

Intuitive and easy-to-use software

The MAG-CX 3 500 control software has been developed to guarantee an optimized management of the CNC machine. The graphical interface fits the criteria for simplicity of use and is compatible with the latest internet browsers.

Connected and intuitive, the interface allows the user to set specific data according to the CNC operator’s needs as well as to record the main technical values of the machine for work reports or malfunctions.

Everything has been engineered and assembled in Italy, including the software: an in-house system made to facilitate professional work.

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MAG-CX3 500

Data Sheet

Machine typeVertical CNC milling machine
Floor space1620 mm x 1010 mm
Max height2040 mm
Weight720 kg
X probe axis485 mm
Y probe axis325 mm
Z probe axis190 mm
Number of axis3 + 1
Precision± 0.01 mm
Type of spindleATC
Maximum spindle speed30000 rpm
Maximum interpolated speed10000 mm/min
Maximum absorbed power3 kW
Voltage220 V
Motor typeHybrid closed loop
Motor torque12 Nm
MovementBall screw
Automatic tool changePneumatic handling
Pneumatic operating pressure6 - 8 bar
6-position tool change6
Type of conesISO 20 - ER20
PC SpecificationsRyzen 5 4500U - 16 Gb DDR4 - 512 SSD
Workable materialsAluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Polycarbonate, Plexiglass, Delrin, ABS, Acrylic

Choose how to customize your MAG-CX3!

The granite worktop can be custom made to suit your work. Choose the opening direction of the door (right or left). During the configuration you have the possibility to request a different matrix of the anchoring holes. It is also possible to customize graphics and logos on the machine and on the software interface.


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